Sharone Perlstein

Entrepreneur, international corporate executive, and industry innovator, Sharone Perlstein has an extensive list of accomplishments across a wide variety of industries in countries around the world. Co-founder and Director of one of the leading platforms in the fast-growing alternative lending market, Perlstein has made significant contributions to real estate, alternative fuel, agriculture, and sustainable resource markets across the globe.

Investment Strategist

Sharone Perlstein began his professional life on Wall Street, where he quickly learned the strategies for making successful trades and the importance of corporate investments. He took these skills to Orly Capital, Inc., where, in 1997, he assumed the position of Corporate Finance Specialist.

The company’s listings on the US and European stock exchanges were under Perlstein’s management until 2004, when he left to lead his own financial firm. The world of corporate finance has remained a constant factor in Sharone Perlstein’s professional life, solidified by his ownership of BrookBank Enterprises, Ltd. from 2004 to 2011. BrookBank had a well-established reputation for finding hidden gems that would prove to be the most fruitful investments for its clients. Perlstein ensured the success of these emerging investments by also providing the most competent team of company managers to the company’s portfolios.


Sharone Perlstein became founder of his own company in 2006, launching with partner Robert Rubinstein Canadel Group. Until 2008, Perlstein managed the company’s outreach to potential investment partners, succeeding, for example, in bringing aboard AIG Global Real Estate. Headquartered in Israel and with offices in the eastern European countries of Ukraine, Latvia, and Moldova, Canadel identified and invested in unique real estate development projects.
Perlstein’s next solo initiative was BSD Ukraine Agro, Ltd., which he founded in 2008. An invested project of BrookBank, BSD Ukraine was involved in managing agricultural farmland in Ukraine. Perlstein succeeded in bringing on board the CEO of international securities firm Africa Israel Group, Eretz Meltzer, to serve as Chairman.

Sustainable Development

Sharone Perlstein began his involvement with sustainable development projects in 2010. He became Investor and Corporate Advisor to Waterland International, a manager of an Indonesian bio-fuels plantation which was extracting oil from jatropha trees. The oil was exported to Holland, but the more exciting project was its potential as jet fuel. During Perlstein’s tenure, feasibility studies were under way with two major airline companies —Boeing and Airbus.

Perlstein also became a partner in David Plattner’s Rainforest Trust. Perlstein lead the development of security and financing strategies on behalf of governments around the world to assist in their efforts to protect their endangered rainforests. The Trust worked with governments of Mexico, Brazil, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Sharone Perlstein


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